About FBC Roosevelt

Ours is a small, Word-saturated church which meets east of Lubbock, Tx.


We hold the Word of God as sure and infallible in all ways. The Bible reveals the holy, triune God who saves sinners.  Mankind deserve nothing more than his eternal wrath for our active rebellion. But God in His mercy as deemed to call some to himself, save then by the atoning and justifying blood of the risen Christ and regenerate and sanctify them in the Holy Spirit. Those justified individuals respond to saving work of God through the lasting fruits of belief and repentance and are baptized and join in communion in accordance with Christ commands. We look forward to the return of Christ when the living and the dead will be judged; the justified to eternal glory and the unrepentant to eternal damnation. To this end, we may safely, though not dogmatically, bear the labels Baptist, Reformed and Dispensational.


We aim to be lead by Christ through His Word in our every action. To that end, our earthly leadership consists of two full time pastors trained at the Master’s Seminary, four deacons and a church council. We are currently a congregational church but are deep in the process of transitioning to elder leadership with three elder candidates in training.


We are formally affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention and support it’s cooperative program. Arguably, we are very atypical for Southern Baptist. Additionally we support the Master’s Academy International and Ed Lacy Ministries.

We have a strong relationship with Grace Community Church in Los Angeles, and many of our men attend the annual Shepherd’s Conference hosted there. Though not formally affiliated, many of our members have benefited from other reformed ministries including the Founder’s Conference, Desiring God, 9Marks, Grace to You, the Gospel Coalition and Together for the Gospel.